Football Development Officer - Renee Bacon

The role is being moulded over time with Renee working to improve our club from the grassroots level and up. She is working to create more opportunities for junior players to play, expose youth players to new avenues to improve, and offer chances for both players and coaches to develop.

Community Goals

Our FDO is currently working toward improving Roslyn Wakari’s reach within the community by getting us into Schools, Have a Go Day, and Soccer Sisters. She has already run a Christmas picnic, a holiday programme, a mother daughter day, youth preseason conditioning sessions, 1 on 1 skills sessions, and organised an introduction to junior coaching course. So keep an eye out, as many more events will be on the way!


Events to Register For

Junior Level 1 Coaching Course - March 9th 6pm - 8pm

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Holiday Programme - April 20th/21st 9am - 2.30pm
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Player Welfare Seminar - April 28th 6pm - 7.30pm
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