Senior Men, Women and Masters           $270.00
  Men's and Women's Prems $180.00
  Students / Unemployed $240.00
  Youth / School Pupils $110.00 (half subs if you coach a junior team)
  Midgets $50.00
  Social Membership $40.00
  Casual Players $20.00 per game


Subs are due by June 1 and will increase by $25.00 after this date. You will not be allowed to play after this date and this will be strictly adhered to. Payment plans can be arranged.

Subs can be paid to Roslyn Wakari AFC - 03 0883 0020178 000. Use your name and team name as details, please.

If you wish to be invoiced for tax reasons e.g. your business to pay, please let our treasurer Mark Kliegl know on